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Default Re: 97 SC2 (No ABS) Brake Pedal goes to the floor

After taking the car in to be checked out by an ASE certified mechanic I found the following:

There is nothing wrong with the braking system.

The pedal is not as hard as the pedal that I'm used to in my honda, but the mechanic told me that it is well within acceptable range. During driving the brakes also have no problem stopping. I'm only having to use 50% of the pedal travel to stop ( even for quick stops ). If I used the rest it would lock the wheels up no problem!

The vacuum bleeding is what made the difference between the pedal being too soft to be safe and being ok ( but not real awesome in my opinion ).

So here is the actual solution:
Pressure bleeding the system at 18psi and draining 300mL of fluid from each wheel. Open the bleeders all the way so that fluid can flow as quickly as possible. If the fluid is flowing fast enough that it can force the air bubbles straight down in your drain bottle tube ( if your drain tube is larger than your brake lines ), then it will also be fast enough to get trapped air out of a downward facing line.

Here is a whole list of stuff that made no difference at all:
Replacing the rear wheel cylinder / brake hose
Replacing both front calipers and pads
Replacing the Master cylinder
Replacing the rear brake shoes
Properly adjusting the rear brake shoes
Bench bleeding the Master cylinder
Bleeding the lines at the Master cylinder
Vacuum bleeding all 4 wheels
Pedal bleeding all 4 wheels
Gravity bleeding all 4 wheels

I'll check out that moving vacuum booster / master cylinder soon and let you know what happens.


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