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Default Re: 97 SC2 (No ABS) Brake Pedal goes to the floor

After further investigation I now believe that the problem might be caused by physical issues with both front calipers.

Here are 4 videos that I took of how the calipers move when I used the brakes ( boosted and un-boosted ). In this video the disc is tightened down using the lug nuts.

It looks to me like they have too much movement and also the piston is sliding sideways a bit. I'm not sure why this is happening yet, but the car does easily pass a shake down test. There is no obvious problem with the wheel bearing.

Also, the way that the pedal feels lines up with how you see the caliper move.

At first the pedal feels like nothing at all ( this is when the caliper piston is taking up the empty space ).

Next it firms up, but still feels spongy. This is when the brake parts are flexing.

These videos are on youtube. This site won't let me post links because I am too new, so you can just copy / paste the lines below at the end of the you tube url and it'll work.

Front left caliper and piston:

Front right Caliper and piston:


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