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Default Re: Have You Experienced the Ignition Switch Issue?

Originally Posted by johnk View Post

I have been watching the decline of GM quality for many years and when they killed off Saturn and took the bailout, it really made me angry. Now with the news of this recall and their deliberate actions to not fix issues, I will not buy another GM product. For me GM crossed an ethical line and they cannot go back.

I have been very pleased with our two Honda's and will be purchasing another later this summer when we pass the 08 CRV to our son.
Please remember that for several years during this period the US Government owned General Motors. This ignition switch problem has come to light only after the company returned to private hands. An interesting question to pose to your congressman would be, "Why didn't you insist on better oversight while the government owned the company?"

I am driving primarily Chrysler products presently, but we also have a Saturn Ion from my MIL. I've owned a number of GM products and my last one was the best: a 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix. 250,000 miles, only a couple repairs, and unbelievably, the fuel economy rivaled the Saturn (31mpg highway). When the ignition module died I donated it to Good News Garage. If they were still making the Grand Prix in 2009 I would have bought another. They weren't and I shopped around and bought a Jeep Patriot. Only 1/2 as many miles as my Pontiac but still running strong.

Good luck with your Hondas; they have a good reputation.


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