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Default Re: Have You Experienced the Ignition Switch Issue?

There are numerous threads on this issue that go back to 2007 and beyond. See one such example where I detailed the process to replace it and my feelings on the issue 5 years ago:

This ignition problem happened to me on at least two occasions and we were fortunate enough that it was only a nuisance (such as making me late to work) and nothing more severe.

When I went into the Saturn dealership to buy the replacement part back in 2008, I suggested that the numerous reports on this problem warranted a recall from GM. The guys at the service center just shrugged, rolled their eyes, and quoted $200 to replace it. I purchased the part and did it myself.

Now it's taken a decade to recall this part. GM claimed ignorance of the issue but in reality it's coming out that they knew of the severity of this problem back in 2006 and tried to keep it quiet.

I traded in my Saturn shortly after the announcement of the disbanding of the brand. It became hard to find parts and even though they claimed that Chevy dealerships would stock them, I was told that it could take 1-2 weeks to get certain items on some occasions.

Since then, I've never considered buying another product from GM. The factors that I mention above contributed to this and now this latest news just reinforces my distrust in the brand.
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