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Default Re: Opinions on white smoke

I can't check the head anymore since they have it, but I am tempted to post pics of the deck and gasket. From the foot print, I don't see how it couldn't show leaks the way the gasket left the gray material uniformly across the deck. Hopefully it was in the head and the new head will solve it. I always ran 50/50 prestone green concentrate/distilled water, I will switch to 60/40, but don't think that was the nail in the coffin. Seems to me that it had to be mechanical failure. The engine never overheated since the rebuild. I have no idea if they rebuilt the head with over-sized anything however, I wouldn't think so. For a crack to form in the cam journal, wouldn't it have to overheat enough that it would show on the temp gauge? I have never overly examined the chambers of the head to know just how close the oil is to the coolant. It had to be a pressure point though to show oil in the coolant and not the coolant in the oil. At the same time, it had to be a point that allowed coolant to enter the combustion chamber. Would the cracked cam journal allow this? I thought maybe a crack into the intake side?

Could someone elaborate on the dry fit of the head torqued to 45 ft/lbs, I don't think I did this. I acetoned the heck out of it, oiled the bolts and threads and torqued down appropriately.


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