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1998 SC2
Default upper motor mount-torque axis mount/dog bones

Does anyone know the brand/part number for the solid "non-frowny" mount?
I've read a ton of old posts about the mounts, and I guess it can be a crap shoot to which one you actually get?

On Amazon I found the Anchor brand shows a pic of the frowny, but there is another one listed "Westar EM2827 Engine Mount" that I can't tell what kind it is from the pic. Oh and I also recall in reading the old posts some peeps saying that alot of the pics seem to be generic and used by several sellers.

To add to the confusion, the reviews for the Westar EM2827 Engine Mount are conflicting, a couple say it is the thicker solid mount, and another says it's the frowny.

Another question on the dog bone mount, I pulled the lower passenger mount and I had planned to use ES black poly inserts, but on the one I removed the edges of the metal (looks like a stamped 2 piece frame)are rolled over the rubber by at least a good 1/4 to 3/8 inch so i see no way to get the new inserts in even if I burnt the rubber out. So I guess I need to buy new dog bones as well.

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