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Default Saturn Outlook XE AWD 2008


I have a 2008 Saturn Outlook XE 2008.

2 Years ago we purchased the vehicle from a dealer drove it home and one day it died and just wouldn't start again. They towed it back thought they fixed it. We got it 2 days later died again. They took it back and we went back down to get it fixed and finally it was working. For two years its been fine. Now I'm getting the same symptoms as I did 2 years ago.

Basically while driving down the road the road the engine will cut off completely. Sometimes it will restart right away sometimes you have to try 20 times to finally get it to start. Now when you are trying to restart the vehicle and you go to turn the key to crank it over you can hear a click in the cab where the driver sits like something is relaying to the motor, but nothing cranks. You don't even get the typical click click click like a low battery would sound. After trying to turn the key tons of times it magically decides its wants to fire. Took me almost 30 mins one day to get it to fire again. Sometimes when its under a load it does it and sometimes it does it on flat grounds. No codes nothing. They said they replaced the ignition switch the first time they fixed it 2 years ago and tightened up the fuse box claimed it had a bad connection. I've went to the fuse box and the 2 bolts inside are stripped out, but would those being lose are they attached to a large plug on the bottom or am I crazy? I've had the charging system and battery checked out both are checked out good. I was reading about crankshaft position sensor, but would that cause the motor to not crank at all? Not even try?

It doesn't do it at any particular time it does it at random. One day it did it to us 5 times today not once. It could be fine for 3 weeks and then it does it again. I'm at a loss. a Dealer wants to charge me $95 to try and replicate the issue, but without a code will they be able to figure it out. Plus what happens if it takes 3 weeks? It only happens while driving not idling. We are completely at a loss what to do. Anyone else experience these types of issues? What did you replace?


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