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2003 VUE 3.0L
Default Re: PSA for those strange front-end clunks (Intermediate Steering Shaft) on your Vue

I also replaced the intermediate shaft on my 2003 VUE first, no difference, turns out my rack and pinion was making all of the noise and sloppy steering. Over bumps, it would make such a racket.. I never would've thought it was the rack!

If you have someone sit inside the VUE with the car OFF, but key ON so the steering wheel can move freely and not lock, and you go out to each wheel, have the person inside the car move the steering wheel back and forth a full turn each way. If your rack is bad, you will HEAR the noise from the rack and pinion.

Fun fact: the rack and pinion was replaced already, under warranty, in 2005 (we bought the VUE brand new in August 2002). This tells me either we had bad luck, or rack and pinions on the Theta platform vehicles do sometimes fail.

Ever since I replaced the rack & pinion, did it myself in my garage, took about 2-3 hours... the front end has been as good, maybe better, than new!


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