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Default Re: Fun track/daily car project

If that's the case I'll probably just stick with the drums and just given them a refresher, rear doesn't do much braking from what I understand anyway.
The mp7 isn't such a bad auto compared to most of the older GM's/imports I've had, only has given me trouble when both the turbine and speed sensors/connectors burnt up randomly on me. Sucks not being able to hold a load in first gear, the road course I'm looking into is large and I wouldn't be needing to go any lower then maybe 2nd anyway(MSR Houston).
If that's all the duel intake cams do I'll just look into a regrind or the alike, I think Crower makes new sticks in several specs. Though that maybe going a little far and call for a good rebuild of the engine.
I'll happily take the less squeaky of the two sets of bushings lol. Looked it up on their website and it's $114 which isn't bad, I'll need new engine mounts too. Engine has a little to much movement for my taste.


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