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Default Re: 2002 Saturn SL1 Quill Seal Removal

Originally Posted by OldNuc View Post
Spend the winter digging up a functioning hydraulic system and store it with the remote reservoir above the MC with the MC in mouted in car orentation and the slave hanging down below that.

Install the 98 or older LUK clutch and get away from the soft feel gen-3 clutch that must be wound up to even function.

Locating pins can be made from the proper sized drill rod. May also be punched out of the old flywheel from the back side.
Hello OldNuc:

God gave me a free pass today, it is 65 here.

I have removed the LUK flywheel and put back the Brute flywheel which I have removed before. I took a picture of the LUK flywheel and I will attach here. It shows it does not have any pins.

I try to wind the self adjusting clutch based on your instruction and some youtube videos. (
or the minute 3:05 at ) I could not relax the adjustor plate to rotate it and I think my springs are almost at the compressed position. I have attached a picture here. Do you think I should try to rewind again. My pin is at the edge of opening but the youtube video asks it to be all the way to the other end. I have attached a picture again.

I decided to stop right after I have put the clutch in to avoid unnecessary operations.

Tomorrow is another good day, rainy but warm to work on my car.



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