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Default Re: 2002 Saturn SL1 Quill Seal Removal

Originally Posted by OldNuc View Post
If you want to do this right then buy the LUK clutch and flywheel for a 91-98 Saturn part number 04-115. This one:

Either replace the flywheel or buy a new one. The input shaft splines must be cleaned and lubed and the clutch hub splines cleaned and lubed. After lubing wipe excess off with a paper towel as excess lube will be immediately deposited on the friction disk.

You can also buy a heavier duty clutch.

Trans must remain in neutral or the blocking rings stick.

Shifting is likely a combination of things including the fluid. Dexron-3 is only recommended for emergency use by the OEM. the manual used a proprietary lifetime fluid after the first and only change at 6000 miles.

This is exactly what I donot want to hear. I myself am debating a new clutch set and I'm leaning towards to get lux kit also. I'm upset because I bought brute flywheel and clutch kit and it is too late for returning them. I was ready to pull trigger to buy a lux clutch kit, now I'm thinking to get LUX flywheel.

I have already installed the same flywheel twice. (first time, I forget to put the inspection plate so I removed the transmission and flywheel to put the inspection plate back. I was doing this job without removing engine transmission bracket.)

Should i really get lux flywheel?

By the way my car is 2002 SL1. The ebay kit you suggested is for 91-98 Saturn. Is it a mistake or a intentional recommendation?

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