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Default Re: 2002 Saturn SL1 Quill Seal Removal

Originally Posted by cgg17 View Post
We put a clutch in my brother's 97 Sl2 a few years back. Wouldnt shift into any gear but no grinding. We though we messed the tranny up. We pulled 2 trannies at the junkyards and all did the same thing. Then we tried fully synthetic tranny fluid (I forget exactly what it was) and now it shifts perfectly and smoothly. Was very strange, could this be the issue?

I put valvoline dexron 3/mercon 3 in.

I used brute clutch set, cheapest one on the market (rock auto: #MU520221). they have another model as OEM on (rock auto #MU20221).

I will try measure the fork movement now.

It is very sad that I put two months of time to fix this and this ends up like this.

Thank you all.
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