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Default Re: Alternative Headlight Bulb Replacement

Originally Posted by the85darkknight View Post
Someone managed to change their headlight bulbs without dropping the front fascia on the vehicle. The video is poorly shot, but he gets the point across:

All he did was remove the 10mm bolts on the top cover as well as the 7mm ones pinning the headlight assemblies. After that, he would prop up the the middle with a soda can and then pop the headlight over the fender so he would have enough room to slip his hand in and remove the light bulbs. I hope this comes in handy for someone. I may try it for marker and turn signal replacement. Dropping the front fascia is still a good exercise.

I saw an old post that mentions replacing the H11s with H9s. This person claims a higher lumen output. Is there any truth to this?
I just did the drivers side last night on a 2008 and just found this video. I don't see how he can rotate the light housing since the 3rd bolt beyond the 2 top 7mm ones that holds it to body (10mm) is accessed from below the housing. Has anyone else "popped" it over without removing that bolt?


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