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Default Re: Dealer switching brands

Originally Posted by L55 View Post
If there is no partnership story, are you saying the statement below was a huge lie ?

"In the next three weeks, we will announce a long-term partnership that will provide Saturn with world-class cars," said Todd Ingersoll, the leader of Saturn's Franchise Operations Team. Ingersoll owns Saturn of Danbury and Saturn of Watertown.

L55, I think you best summed it up yourself in your Original post, which is what I replied upon. Emphasis on the bold part.

I also find it somewhat worrisome that this dealer wasn't aware of any sort of done deal. You would think after the announcement over a week ago about a new Saturn partner the dealer would have worded his reply about Saturn's future differently. I've also noticed that with all the intense reporting on GM its strange that nobody in the major media has mentioned the partnership story. What gives??
This media quote has neither been confirmed nor denied. It could happen, it just hasn't happened yet. I'm patiently rooting for the "happened" part.

But I do get your point and well meant btw, yes.
Why are retailers closing shop when some type of announcement is supposedly coming around the bend?
One word answer: Recession.

Saturn lives on.

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