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Default Re: OBDII failed self test smog test failed

yearly inspections here NYS cost $21 !! 96 years models and up gotta hooking up to DMV computer ! Mine only visual inpections, tires , lights,etc.

Originally Posted by mac99sl2 View Post
Michigan-No tests-No, Not at all!!!! Hahahahahahahaaaaaaa! I used to live in San Diego, California. That SUCKED! I love this about Michigan. I could do without the sub-zero temperatures though. Ironically, for the first time in my life I have two cars that WOULD pass emissions. Every car I ever owned in Cali needed something to pass (or in those days you could slip the tech $100 and have him hook it up to another car in your name). Anyways, I feel for all you in the states that test. Oh! New York, every year! that could get expensive.


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