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Default Re: OBDII failed self test smog test failed

Originally Posted by mac99sl2 View Post
Michigan-No tests-No, Not at all!!!! Hahahahahahahaaaaaaa! .
Well, my perspective is this: Without the smog test, I would have continued to drive around in a car that was eating me and itself slowly away. For me the gas mileage was maybe 2 or 3 miles per gallon (30 miles per tank). The car would have surely died before it's time if allowed to continue as it was. Every smog test is a guaranteed oil change and spark plug replacement for me. All good things for the car. Without the tests, my car might be in the heap by now. I'm too lazy to do anything on my own unless "something" forces me to act. I'm ok with the test, even though when it came back as a fail (the emissions passed) I was screaming at the state, now I'm grateful. My complaint is that the "fix" would have cost the average driver who relies on a shop to fix all problems maybe $500 or more where it only cost me $20. 60,000 miles ago, I brought the car to the Saturn dealer to diagnose a heating/cooling problem. My quote was $2400.00. I decided to self-replace the radiator, the fan and the interior fan (maybe $300.00) and it's been fine since. Maybe I should have done the thermostat at that time also! THIS IS A GREAT SITE!

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