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Default Re: 2008 Saturn Astra Info and Photos

Originally Posted by guyatherton View Post
Corvair - the design you state as liking are all retro (HHR, Mini etc) and sometimes retro doesn`t lastlong, just ask Chrysler with the PT Cruiser which was a big hit then fades away. Or ask VW with the Bettle which was a hit in 1999/2000 and now is a minor seller (virtually dead in Europe).

BMW comes up with original design - just look at the controversy around the Bangle design. Love it or hate it, it is different. I would say the Audi TT is different, the Pontiac G8 just announced is a great design. So I would disagree with you that all cars look the same.

Even Toyota did something different with Scion and the FJ Cruiser. As you have seen from responses before you cannot please all the people all the time. Some love retro, some love modern and some love regular.
Guy, you are right, I'm a big fan of the retro look. But you mention a car like the PT - that design is, what, eight years old now? Of course it's cooled off. My question is why the heck hasn't Chrysler done anything with it since then? Yes, it's old hat now, but it was very different when it was introduced.

Also, I didn't say that all cars look the same, only about 90% of them. I pointed out some that have their own distinctive look, including the Scion (see my earlier post). I'm not familiar with some of the ones you mentioned, but if they're different that's great! It's about time.

I will confess that I miss the days when cars were redesigned every single year (for instance, Chevrolet from '56 to '59 was revamped four times - the good old days, before I was born). I'm also aware that the industry has evolved drastically in the last 30~40 years, and manufacturers can't afford to revise their designs every year. Still, I don't see any reason for the mind-numbingly dull cars all over the road.

(One more example, if I may: The Ford Five Hundred and the Volkswagen Passat. Did those two come off the same drawing board?? Check it out the next time you see them together. It's ridiculous.)


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