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Default Re: 2008 Saturn Astra Info and Photos

Originally Posted by saturn_69 View Post
To you. Yes, I'd still make it to the Saturn retailer cuz the 3 is too small inside for me, especially for an overpriced Ford Focus. And only a couple of us have driven the Astra so that comment doesn't mean anything since none of the rest of us can compare the Mazda to the Astra yet. Jeez.
Ummm if you have ANY car knowledge you will know the Focus is nothing like driving a 3. NOTHING LIKE IT!

And you are correct in saying my comment was premature, but soon we will all be able to give the Astra a spin ,and then a true comparison of the Astra vs the 3 can be made. I personally was considering an Astra, as I really like the style of the exterior, not so much the interior, and if it was closer to ion prices are today, but with that not happening with the exchange rate for the euro, so I'd rather get more vehicle for my money in a new 08 Vue made in North America.

I personally find the 3 to be quite roomy inside, but again thats a personal thing. I'm 6'0 close to 280lbs. not a little guy.

And in regards to the comment that the car sells well in Europe ,of course it will, it comes in around 10 different varieties, compared to Mazda 3 and its 4-5 varieties. It also looks a little better than the Mazda 3 is some aspects, and since its built in europe and not an import it should sell better there!

08 Mazda 6 ? 08 Vue Hybrid ?

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