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2001 SL1
Default Re: Coolant E-fan problem, 2001 SL1

Originally Posted by BV22 View Post
In a 3rd gen, with a/c off, the fan won't kick on until the temp gauge is around 9/16 of full scale - just past vertical.
I have heard that, but 240 F is way too high, way past the 220 F that the e-fan should be turning on at, regardless of what the dash gauge says. I never trust dash gauges for absolute temperature readings. Dash gauge info depends on many things that can drift and change, like a drift in the ECTS resistance as a function of temperature, poor contacts along the wiring routes.....

Recently it was in the 90's here, and the e-fan was never turning on while parked in the drive way idling, and I knew that was not how it use to work. The e-fan use to cycle at lower temps, and now it does not. Was also loosing coolant out the bottle cap slowly over time (level sensor on the dash was warning us) caught the small leak at the cap one day, replaced the cap, refilled the system, and noted the 240 F, and no fan yet. It cools down to about 30-35% of the temp gauge range with the A/C running, idling in the driveway at 95 F ambient, so I know it is not the rest of the cooling system, just needs the fan to turn on when it should, at 220 F max and not let it get to 240 F idling in the driveway!


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