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Default Re: New GM CEO Not Fazed by Future Competition from Saturn Brand, Peugeot Cited As P

Originally Posted by saturn_69 View Post
Won't happen. Can't happen. It is un-Constitutional to allow the Government to run a private corporation, and it's against pretty darn near every business law in every State. The Government can force a restructure, sure, but they cannot Constitutionally operate any business.

GM will file Chapter 11 and emerge with Chevrolet, Cadillac and Buick...GMC, Saab and Pontiac will be axed...Saturn and Hummer will be sold to the highest bidder (which incidentally CAN'T be a Chinese company since they don't make a single car that can pass our safety and/or emission standards). Don't listen to the fear.
As long as they have the power of the purse, the government can apply sufficient pressure to GM that you couldn't tell the difference.

Same story when a teenage kid lives off mom & dad ... "my way or the highway" ... kid can do what they want once they reach the age of majority, however, if they want meals and a roof over their heads, don't expect it to be without strings.

"GM, go to your room and do your homework!" seems so very appropriate.


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