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Default Re: Saturn May be the Latest Casualty of GM's Cost-Cutting Strategy

Originally Posted by ByeByeSaturn View Post
The polymer, Spring Hill Saturn that I knew is dead. The new Saturn is just another GM brand. It needs to go. Hummer, Saab and Saturn are not making money for GM. Why in the world would you keep a brand that is not making money? GM is in business for one main reason, to make a profit. GM did a great job reinventing Cadillac, but they failed with Saturn. When they closed Spring Hill and took away the main selling point, polymer panels, they ended any hope for the struggling brand. GM turned off so many loyal, repeat, core customers when they decided it would be cheaper to end polymer. The truth is Saturn never regained the cult following it once had in the early 1990ís, sad but true.
If anyone out there has ever worked for a large employer - they know that the best and brightest don't necessarily rise to the top.

It's sad. But the high management at GM just don't get it.

With Saturn, here we had a car brand that was going to take on the Japanese competition. GM made a special deal with the UAW. The UAW gave up much so that Saturn could be a success. But GM management blew it.

Saturn had a cult like following. Dedicated buyers. Saturn used to put on a big show every year in Spring Hill, TN - just for Saturn owners. What happened?

GM top management - making upwards of $20 million dollars a year - they didn't have a clue - about people who actually purchased the Saturn cars.

Too bad these idiots don't read history. Many nameplates have been lost because of CEO's and top management that just don't understand why people buy automobiles.

For you youngsters out there. Studebaker was a good car. Packard was a good car. Nash was a good car. Hudson's were legendary cars. People, running these companies just made poor decisions.

Sad to say, but GM just don't get it.


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