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Default Nomination for Moderator of the "How To" Forum

I'd like to nominate Luke to moderate the "How To" forum, the technical library forum which is continually getting cluttered up with responses and questions that are not consistent with the intended structure of the forum. Luke is one of our most esteemed members, who drives a Saturn with over 400,000 miles on the origina engine, and he is already acting as moderator ex officio of the "How To" forum. Unfortunately, he is not nearly as productive right now as he could be if he had the power to move threads, clarify the forum title to eliminate confusion, and do other productive things like post the ECTS threads as stickies, since the ECTS replacement procedure is one of the most often recommended repairs referred to by old and new members alike.

Here's an example of Luke's recent ex-officio activities...

I say give him an official key.

Do I hear any seconds?

What do you think, Charlie?


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