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2006 VUE 2.2L
Default Re: Key won't turn in ignition

Originally Posted by moore_y
2003 Saturn Vue V-6 AWD. No major problems except now. Key wouldn't turn in ignition yesterday (for the 1st time). Was finally able to get it to turn after turning wheel to the right (hard). Got home, called the dealership, they said that it was either the ignition cylinder or the key could be worn. I got my spare key and noticed that there were 2 pieces missing out of the current key. I tried the spare and it has worked fine ever since. I am taking my car in on Saturday to get the oil changed but my question is, do I need to have them check the ignition? Do I still need to worry about this?

Thanks for your help!
It was very likely that the problem turning the key was due to the steering column lock mechanism. Sometimes when you lock the steering wheel, if you the mechanism will bind up, making it difficult to unlock the ignition with the key. Often when this happens, you will be parked on a hill with your wheels agains a curb or some such item. Once you turn the wheel hard to the right (or left), the pressure is released on the locking mechanism, and the key will turn easily. This is a similar situation to what can happen in an automatic if you park on a hill without the parking brake.

As regards to the regualar and spare keys looking different, on some occasions, keys cut from the factory code will have one cut different than the keys that came with the car (and any that were duplicated in a machine from those original keys). I have found that to be the case on many of my GM cars over the past 10 years. It is usually the closest cut to the head of the key, and has never seemed to make much of a difference.

Hope this helps, and in short, it seems to me it was a one time thing based on the parking at the time, and not something broken with the car.



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