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Default Re: Engine cleaning at car wash?

One note to add here. Don't ever clean a HOT engine. WARM is fine, but running cold water over a hot engine is just not a good idea, things contract and warp and crack sometimes :-( I start mine up, let it idle for 1-2min, and then soak and spray it. I also recommend Simple Green. The bit of engine heat also helps release some dirt. It actually dries too fast on a hot engine and doesn't have time to penetrate the grease.

Some cars also just get dirtier under the hood than others. Nissan, Honda, and Saturn seems to stay quite clean underhood. Mazda, Ford, Chevy, not so much.

Advantages of a clean engine is less mess when doing repairs, a cooler running engine, and problems are spotted more easily when they occur. I have heard some say that the thin film of road dirt on an engine and associated parts helps keep the hoses and such from deteriorating as quickly, but I'm not sure I beleive this or not. Anyone want to take that stance?



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