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Default Re: L200 Parking Brake Issues

fdryer, you have a PM.

Originally Posted by bobbyrae View Post
Does that car have rear drum or disk brakes? If drum, you will want to make sure the shoes are adjusted correctly, then you will want to check the adjustment on the parking brake cables.

Without seeing the cables, I can't comment on how bad the rust is, but I would take the car to an indepedent brake mechanic and ask for an inspection.
I don't think it's the brakes, themselves, that are the issue. The guy told me they were brand new when I bought the car. He claims they had a brake job done on it, before they put it on the lot.

What I think happened is, there is an opening in the cable's sheath, due to rust. The cable had completely seized up. When I tried to pull up on the parking brake lever, I was unable to move the sized cable so, consequently, I couldn't engage the parking brake.

After pulling it on several times, the cable must have slipped along enough to partially engage the brakes. However, when the parking brake lever was lowered, the cable didn't slide back to it's "relaxed" position. Instead, it remained partially engaged.

Then, after I wiggled the cable, it was able to release and slide back.

Of course that's all hypothesis, as I am in no way a mechanic.


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