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Default Re: Saturn Aura XE 3.5l Engine seized

Originally Posted by Kailei View Post
K guys.. First off , I really appreciate your help. I had the car towed by OnStar to Firestone for a diagnosis. Their diagnosis is that the engine is locked. They didn't say anything about the starter. Now question is, they tried to turn the engine with the starter inline. Could a bad starter cause an engine not to turn or would the engine still turn if a bad or locked starter is inline?
The "clicking" heard from the starter as mentioned in post #5 could suggest a bad starter. Additionally, a bad starter may turn the engine very slowly or be unable to turn it if the stater drive cannot be engaged by the solenoid. (The problem for me is that I just cannot know if your starter is bad.) Typically, an engine seizure means that the crankshaft, and/or parts attached to it, are what has seized internally. Those parts having become seized make it impossible for the starter drive gear to turn the flywheel which would turn the engine.
Originally Posted by Kailei View Post
I'm trying my best to describe what's going on and with the information relayed to me. Part of me wants to get another opinion before I drop another $2,000 into the car.
I can understand that. If indeed the engine has seized then the repair is almost certainly going to be much greater that $2,000.00 unless a good used engine is found to replace this one at a reasonable price.
Originally Posted by Kailei View Post
When I described what happened to Firestone they were a little confused as to how this happened with the car parked. They said usually this happens when driving long distances or with a warning. So I may be grasping at straws but I am trying to cover all avenues before I invest in a major repair like this.
I used to be in the automotive repair and aftermarket auto parts business. My reaction to the situation described by you would've been the same as what Firestone's was. Candidly, I'm leaning towards the idea that their diagnosis is correct although I would prefer that both they and I would be wrong. Getting a second opinion couldn't hurt. Do you work with a mechanic whom you trust? If so, he might be willing to go where the car is - saving you from a towing charge, if there were to be one - and examine it there assuming that the folks at the Firestone store would be agreeable to such a thing.

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