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2007 AURA XE
Default Saturn Aura XE 3.5l Engine seized

I have a 2007 Aura Xe 3.5l that I bought in Nov. 2015. I seemed like a very smooth car. Had to replace the rack and power steering lines but that was OK.
Then I started throwing ECM codes like 0641, 1682, 0452, 0107, and throttle pedal or body codes . I was always able to clear them out with my code reader or by removing the negative battery cable. Sometimes it would keep throwing the codes then stop and it would run fine for a month or 2. I finally changed the throttle body and the car ran fine for 2 months. Then it threw the same recurring codes and was very hard to restart. I drove it straight to the dealer and they cleared the codes and updated the ECM. The next night I was driving it and it was running fine. I pulled into a parking lot the engine light came on and the car shut off. I checked the codes and they were the same codes as before. I tried to clear them but was unable to. I tried to restart the car and there was a noise coming from the engine compartment. I poped the hood and there was a burning smell. I ended up having the car towed back to the dealer. where after checking it they said the engine was seized. They couldn't tell me why, but I was very suspicious and called Saturn consumer affairs. They talked to the dealer and basically told me there was nothing they could do.
Right now the car sits in my driveway and when you try to start it all you here is the starter running. When I was trying to start it in the parking lot after it made a noise all I heard was a faint click.
Does anyone know if the failed ECM could cause this seized condition (I've ordered a pre-flashed ECM from Flashmasters on that possibility) or what other possibilities could there be. I never got an overheat light or low oil (I checked the oil and it's full and clean)all that happened was the engine light came on.
I am planning on taking the car to an ex-GM mechanic who works out of his garage and he can tear down the engine and hopefully figure out what happened. I hoping it didn't do any internal damage.
The 2007 is is a LZ4 engine, isn't it, which was use in other GM cars up to 2010. If I need a crankshaft where is a good place, other than the dealer to buy one. I'm having a hard time finding one.
I appreciate all comments and suggestions in advance.

Thank you,


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