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1997 SL2
Default Re: Question of the Day: If You Had to Make a Choice Today, What Would Your Next Vehi

Eiither way, for the most part I'm domestic.

Used: 2010 or 2011 Ford Crown Victoria or Mercury Grand Marquis. (was gonna keep the Lincoln Town Car in consideration, but apparently I can't fit the cop brakes from Raybestos onto a TC although it's the same car) Ideally this'll happen when I get the current MGM paid off, have a somewhat decent savings, and as soon as I find a buyer for the MGM.

New: If Ford _ever_ releases a brand new Crown Vic or Town Car, I'll be all over that thing it may be the -only- vehicle I sell or trade the Saturn for... and yes, if there's a clause at the lot like "we'll pay your vehicle off even if you owe more than what it's worth" then the MGM is getting traded unless it's already paid for.

Otherwise New will be pretty much most stick shift vehicles.

97 SL2
DOB: 3/19/97
Date Obtained: 5/30/07
Status: Alive, 1/2 exhaust

2004 Merc G.Marquis GS
DOB: 2/4/04
Date Obtained: 7/6/12
Status: Alive, no heat


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