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Default FS: '92 Saturn SC Showcar Restoration Project

Hopefully someone has the vision and patience to finish what I started to bring this car back to where is deserves to be will be interested in taking over this restoration project I started but cannot continue. I bought this car brand new, so I'm the only owner. I had a for sale thread from years ago but it wasn't in the Classified section and now I have more clarity on what is and what not included with the car. Apologies if some of you have seen some of this before.

Anything in the google photo restoration album is included, as well as many many other parts not shown or listed, I have duplicates of several things too.

Google restoration photo album:

How the car currently looks as of this past week:

BTW, for some reason my account was restricted and I couldn't do anything but read threads and I couldn't find help as to why, so I was forced to create a new u/n.

The older restoration thread may or may not be useful a lot of not related talk going on in this thread:

This is an AS IS sale as shown. Any additional parts not shown but included in the sale will be indicated.

Car has been sitting outside covered for several years, so any newer installed parts might be showing a little surface rust, anything underneath the car that was powdercoated still looks very good, just dirty, very little rust on the powdercoated parts.

I AM NOT PARTING OUT THE ENGINE OR ANY CAR PARTS ATTACHED TO THE CAR, please don't ask me. I also have a for sale thread for all the new parts I've been purchasing and collecting over the years.

I'll include all the various interior trim pieces, black leather seats (have enough for two sets), reupholstered and dyed interior parts, I have boxes of interior parts, trim pieces, hardware, bolts, clips and fasteners I'll include too. A lot of new parts have been put on the car, parts of the car look a little rough right now from sitting but the work could be rewarding.

You will be responsible for picking the car up and transporting it. It currently is sitting on jack stands / blocks and will need to be hauled away. There are no hubs, rotors, brake calipers, wheels, tires etc.

So YOU will need to figure out how to move and transport the car.

I recommend dollies to roll it up onto a flat bed since the bottom does have some new powdercoated parts you probably won't want drag the car on a few wood palettes up onto a flat bed. But once you hand over the cash, you can do it however you want.

Latest mods done to the car in its current state:

- Brand new carpeting installed
- Entire lower interior and doors covered in sound deadener and foam (RAAMat BXT sound deadener w/ Ensolite foam)
- Headliner and Visors reupholstered
- All light grey plastic interior pieces dyed dark grey
- Newer perfect dashboard installed (no cracks)
- SPS short throw shifter
- '93 Engine cradle powder coated, replacing previous
- Leaky sunroof repaired and replaced with a newer one that was completely refurbushed
- New Coolant reservoir
- New top engine mount
- All brand new windows, windshield, rear window and quarter windows, all installed while car was off the road
- New never used Pioneer front and rear speakers TS-A1683R and Pioneer Head Unit DEH-21001B (stored and in perfect cond)

For those who don't know the history of the car or haven't seen the two magazine features, the rebuilt engine had the following mods and driven less only for a few years afterwards. The engine rebuild was done by a very reputable performance shop.

-Ported, Swirl Polished, Milled Head 11:1 Compression
-ExtrudeHoneŽ Port-Matched Intake Manifold
-Port-Matched HPC Coated Header/Down pipe
-4-Ange Valve Job
-OverSized Forged Aluminum JE Domed Pistons
-TotalSeal Gapless Rings
-PowerKote Thermal Barrier Coated Piston Domes
-Dry Film Lubricant Coated Piston Skirts
-Meta-Lax Stress Relieved Engine Internals
-RC Engineering Flow-Matched Fuel Injectors
-RC Engineering BigBore Throttle Body

Additional Modifications:

-Custom Stainless Steel Mandrel Bent 2.5" Exhaust
-High-Flow Cat
-Powertone Muffler
-Centerforce Dual Friction Clutch
-JET Technologies Computer Upgrade
-Grant Steering Wheel
-Razo Titanium Pedal Covers
-Short Throw Shifter
-Accel Thundersport 300+ Plug Wires
-Polished Aluminum Engine Cover (obviously needs a full re polish due to oxidation)
-Brand New Radiator Fan

Extras INCLUDED with sale but not shown in pics:

- '95 nose (primed)
- ’95 rear bumper (primed)
- '95 Red trunk lid (current deck lid has holes from a rear wing)
- '95 Red Hood
- Brand New never used Pioneer Speakers and head Unit
- Various interior parts/trim to complete the interior, gauge cluster...etc
- Boxes and boxes of parts, including the previously mentioned reupholstered and dark grey dyed interior parts for a complete interior, exterior, bolts, fasteners..etc

- Needs a full suspension / brakes
- Ran great before it it was broken down, last time it ran was about 12 years ago

At the time not much was available for this car, so a lot of the work had to be custom, including JE Pistons telling me I was the first to order Pistons for a Saturn at the time. The engine rebuild alone cost me well over 5k.

$1,750 or B/O

Send offers, you never know.

If you need performance parts, many if not all are brand new:

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