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Default Re: Axle seals

Those seals are a PITA to replace even with the tranny out on the ground which is why the pros say to replace them whenever the tranny is out. There is a snap ring on the driver's side that you will have to remove. It's really hard to see, if you don't know it's there. You will destroy both parts of the seal getting the old ones out and they are hard to get out. I believe Saturn sells the seal parts separately. Aftermarket (all I've ever used) sells both parts assembled as one unit. It'll help if you get one of these seal driver sets from Harbor Freight.

There is one driver that'll work perfectly for the passenger side. Unfortunately, that's not true of the driver's side. Here's what'll happen on that side. You'll try a variety of ways to pound in that seal. Eventually the domed part will come off. The driver set has a flat driver that will work on just the seal and get it far enough in that you can get the snap ring back on. Once you've done that you can use a screwdriver and light taps to get it further back in a it further if you see any high spots. After that you can pound the domed part on.
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