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2002 L-Series 2.2L Sedan
Default Trailer wiring harness

I have mounted my trailer hitch on my SW2, and I am trying to do the electrical work now. I pulled the plastic trim piece off (the one that surrounds the tailgate striker post), and I found a connector in the wiring below. Since the connector has a loop of wire and was wrapped with one or two wraps of electrical tape, it seems to me that this is the connector for trailer wiring.

However, I called the local dealers and they say that Saturn doesn't make a trailer wiring harness for the S series cars. Only the VUE.

How have other people done the wiring for their Saturn S-series cars? I have one of the adapters that have leads for stop, left, right, and tail lights, but I don't know where to get power from for each of those, short of trying to splice in at the light itself.

Thanks for the help!
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