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Wrench "S" Series RKE Remote and Option Programing

NOTE! These instructions will only work for "S" Series cars built BEFORE 2000. If you have an "L", ION, or VUE, or 00'-02' "S" Series, you MUST go to the dealer to have Key Fobs programmed.

Remote RKE Key fob and option programming for "S" series cars built up to 1999 with Factory OEM Keyless Entry.

NOTE:ALL remotes MUST be programmed at the SAME TIME

Find the Diag connector to the left of the column attached to the dash below the steering wheel. (The thing a scan tool plugs into)
You will see two rows of little sockets or pins. Counting from left to right, TOP ROW, Jumper pins 4 and 8 (a paper clip bent into a "U" works well for this) .
The door locks should cycle and trunk pop open.
Depress lock and unlock button AT THE SAME TIME on the remote you want to program until locks cycle again. (This can take up to 1 minute)

If you have more than one remote, you will need to reprogram it at the same time. You do this by pressing the lock unlock buttons at the same time on EACH remote within 5 seconds of the other one acknowleding programing as described above. Every time you program a remote it clears the memory of ALL remotes. On the 97'-99' cars you can also program some handy options (like whether the horn chirps on "ARM" or you can even enable or disable the OEM alarm altogether.) Get the remotes programmed and working first, if you want to make any changes after that, SEE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW

NOTE: If the programming does not work on one remote, remove the rear cover on the remote and clean the battery contact areas, check or change the battery and try again. Most often it is just a bad battery or dirty battery contacts on the remotes themselves that cause problem. Keep in mind you MUST program ALL remotes at the same time, each and every time.

Saturn "S" Series RKE and Security system OPTIONS programming up to 1999

Options are how the CAR will react when commanded by ANY remote programed and working for the CAR. You DO NOT need to reprogram a functional remote to change the options!

With the #4 and #8 pins jumpered, as described in the remote programing instructions above, you program the options by "cycling" (turning to ON and then back OFF) the ignition key a specific number of times as listed below.

#of key cycles horn enabled..alarm enabled..ign kill enabled enabled..alarm enabled..ign kill disabled enabled..alarm disabled..ign kill disabled enabled..alarm enabled..ign kill enabled.
5..passive..horn enabled..alarm enabled..ign kill disabled
6..passive..horn enabled..alarm enabled..ign kill enabled horn sound.. all parts of security system disabled.. Will just lock and unlock vehicle

"Horn enabled" means horn will sound on on second press of lock button on remote in active or passive mode.

"Passive mode" will arm alarm after 1 minute. It will NOT automatically lock doors.

"Active mode" requires the use of the remote OR PDL door lock switch on the inside of the car (by pressing "LOCK" TWICE and then closing the door) to arm the security system, it will not self arm after 1 minute.

Old Saturns never die, people KILL them, so check your damn oil!
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