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Default Re: Speedometer/odometer not working, OBD showing all codes

Originally Posted by fdryer View Post
Is the MIL/CEL indicator ON? This is the engine symbol in yellow. If on when the engine's running then error codes are stored for immediate retrieval. Battery replacement and the check engine light are coincidental and not a battery caused problem. There are two ways to address this - either panic or try some simple checks to find out why a sudden list of error codes pop up. The easiest check is to remove and inspect fuses in three places, in the engine area and right/left foot wells after removing plastic access panels. Each panel has a fuse puller tool. Removing fuses are the only way to see blown elements. Fuse inspection will eliminate power failure in electronics that can generate false error codes.

Search threads within the L-series to become familiar with bcm failures and symptoms. Error codes with a 'P' prefix are usually emissions control related - failing state emission inspection automatically if not corrected. Retrieve all error codes for listing here and Googling if you need to find their definitions. Refrain from manually resetting error codes; near inspection, a manual reset forces the emissions parameters to default factory conditions requiring at least a 50 mile 'drive cycle' to allow all on board emissions testing to fulfill restoring parameters before 'readiness monitors' go to 'pass', allowing state inspection to pass. The check engine light may be off but emissions self tests are performed every time the engine is started, car driven. Continually resetting the check engine light simply forces the emissions tests to start from the beginning, prolonging completion. All repairs and corrections are detected automatically by the on board diagnostics that know which repairs corrects an issue to erase each error code and put them into a 'pending' file that requires the drive cycle to complete testing. Some tests need three engine cycles free of the same error before the light turns off to ensure no one is manually resetting computers. Others need only one engine start to erase an error code.

If you determine your bcm failed then there are two choices; used bcm's or new replacements from GM (only). Used bcm's retain mileage from where it came from and losing remote use. Remotes are programmed by GM (only) but mileage cannot be altered. New bcm's are programmed by GM.

I don't have the engine symbol in my instrument cluster, but my " Service Engine Soon" light is on though. I did check all my fuses, hood/left and right foot panel, and everything is fine there. When I had taken it to my local auto parts store and had them check the codes, the individual told me I was going to have to take it to a shop to get some answers since it was showing ALL codes present with the vehicle. I can't find the print out, but it was all of them and clearly a handful of those were not the issue when I had looked at them myself. I had him try and reset from his obd reader and I have tried a few attempts with disconnecting the battery and draining a charge from the system. It still showed ALL codes upon return to a different parts store. I do know that my Saturn had it's BCM was replaced in early 2007, which makes me wonder if my BCM is ok. I'm unsure. What strikes me as strange is once the battery swap occured, no Speedometer, odometer stopped at 85000 and the OBD throwing every single code at me. What could cause the OBD to throw all it's codes? Thanks!


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