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Default Re: New engine/ no crank just clicks

Originally Posted by fdryer View Post
Remove spark plugs and manually hand turn the engine at the crankshaft. There's a small chance you have a seized engine that won't turn over. With plugs removed, zero compression with hand turning or starter. By hand turning, you'll either feel the engine locked with a mechanical feel or nothing as the engine turns over easily. Normal engines always turn over.

When spark plugs are removed and the starter is used, the engine spins faster since a zero compression engine isn't placing a load on the starter. With plugs in place, hand turning is difficult as each piston compression resists efforts of manually turning the engine. It can be done but more force is needed to overcome compression. Removing plugs simply makes troubleshooting easier with less effort.
Ok, been a while but with the holidays and stuff it went on the back burner.
Found that the wiring harness was hacked pretty good. I need to know what color wires go to the crank position sensor and the engine temp sensor. These got hacked off by the people who helped remove the engine.(confused over the donor and recipient cars).
I have a Haynes manual but none of the diagrams show this info and i cant find it anywhere on line.
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