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Default Re: Low voltage to headlights on right side

Originally Posted by moogoogypan View Post
As far as i can tell there is a single fuse for the headlights that has four pins and is located under the passenger dash.
This doesn't sound right. A single fuse with four pins? Sounds like a relay, not a fuse but according to Chilton both the 15 amp headlight fuse and the DRL relay are in the underhood fuse block.

"Completely out of my element when it comes to electrical issues".
That sounds correct.

"Any guidance would be appreciated". A library book on basic automotive wiring & Chilton Saturn Vue 2002-07 repair manual.

"was not able to find any answers in a forum search". Since you did a forum search I and I'm sure others here would be happy to help, just give us more to go on. All headlights dim or just right side? Same with high beams?
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