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Default Re: 2002 L300 Many Problems

Just a quick update:

1. I couldn't go to the dealer on Monday so I first cleaned the MAF sensor. I also changed the air filter. I let the car sit for several hours to make sure that everything was dry. I did not erase the trouble code. The car evidently sounded better when it was started and even after the temperature reached normal, the engine did not shut off. So I thought that problem is solved.

2. I took it to the dealer to have the t-stat replaced and got the car back yesterday. Since I hadn't erased the code, they picked up the 'MAF sensor low input' code and told me I had to change that sensor. I explained that I had already cleaned that sensor and that the code will probably go after a few cycles.

3. But since today morning the car has been misbehaving again. After the temperature reaches a tad above the 1/4 mark the engine dies if the RPM reaches at the 600-650 RPM mark which it does when it is stopped at a traffic light or one sows for a turn.

So could this mean a bad MAF sensor that needs to be replaced? When I saw the sensor there didn't seem to be anything other than two wires and, at least visually it seems, what could go wrong with such a sensor? Should I just replace the MAF sensor?

Also, as suggested by fdryer, I should clean the throttle body. Any guidance on how to do that?

Any thoughts/opinions will be greatly appreciated.


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