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Default Re: 2002 L300 Many Problems

Thanks for the prompt reply fdryer. I will go have the t-stat replaced first thing tomorrow. The next on the list will be cleaning the MAF sensor and the cabin filter. I plan to do those myself unless the dealer gives me a really good price on those jobs. I wish I could replace the t-stat but that seems a formidable procedure.

The mileage on the car is 81000

Now, I know that replacing the cabin filter eliminates the possibility of it preventing free air flow but if it was that then air flow wouldn't have changed when we stopped the car for a while. If ice is unlikely, then could it be the resistor in the fan motor that controls fan speed? Because when the problem arose it didn't matter where I kept the fan speed, very little air came out of the vents. I can avoid the problem next time by just keeping the AC cooling knob slightly above the coldest setting but at the coldest setting with a thermometer in the vent I actually read a temperature of 30F. I don't know if the AC is supposed to do that. Could it be that the thermal expansion valves you mentioned aren't working properly? Unless they are a part of the compressor assembly itself, in which case it may be unlikely as we just replaced the compressor.

Thanks again, for your help.


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