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Default Re: Aura Intake Resonator Bong Delete

Note You can see after removing the bong that NOTHING is affected as far as the risk to the engine. The inlet to the air filter is actually higher so there's an even less chance of taking on water, and it's still before the filter, so there's no more chance of getting debris into the engine.

4) Put the shroud back in, wheel back on, and lower the car.

5) Purchase a K&N (or similar) air filter to go into the stock air box, installation is straightforward. Remove the two metal clips at the top (closest to the windshield, visible in the first video in this post) side of the box above the filter and pull up on the top portion. It flexes easily to allow access to the filter.

6) Enjoy! Most people who have done this mod, or installed a CAI in a car, will tell you the first couple of things they notice are the sound and the better throttle response.

After videos:
Engine @ idle


Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy! (+rep appreciated )[/QUOTE]

I know this thread is 8 years old, but it would have been nice had you included a photo of your final K&K - or whatever- filter in place.

1996 SW2


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