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2006 VUE 3.5L
2006 VUE 3.5L
Default Re: 2006 Vue Cloth to Leather Seat Swap Questions

Originally Posted by ryan_g View Post
That is the kit I bought when I did my leather seats. I got the cheaper one with the 2 position switches because they looked much easier to mount than the large ones.
That switch is a lot smaller than it appears. It is only 1 1/8" wide by 1 3/4" high by 2" deep, so it fits in the normal spot.

Originally Posted by ryan_g View Post
What made the cloth seats more comfortable out of curiosity?
They are much harder. I notice it on my back. I checked the lumbar, but is is already backed all of the way off, which means it was probably what the previous owner thought too. The Redline has velour inserts, so I don't notice any difference between them and cloth.

Originally Posted by ryan_g View Post
As you may have seen in my mods post, my leather was fairly wrinkled when I initially put it in and it smoothed out after about a week in the hot NC summer sun.
I'm not confident the backseat will fix itself. It has dents, not wrinkles, indicating the problem is with the foam. The front passenger seat had dents in the foam. I put it over my cloth foam and now it looks good. The leather itself in back seat has some lines on it too. It looks like a car seat was left there permanently. The carpet on the back is a loose fit in some areas instead of tight like my original.


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