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2006 VUE 3.5L
2006 VUE 3.5L
Default Re: 2006 Vue Cloth to Leather Seat Swap Questions

This is what I did:
1. On the passenger side, I put the leather seat covers on the original cloth seat frame and cushions. I didn't see any difference in the seat frames or foam. This got me the correct seat PPS module and foam and pad that are zeroed. When I plugged it in, no more airbag light.

2. On the drivers side, I put the leather seat in as is. I was thinking about doing the same thing on the driver's side and have a manual seat, but it was not to be. The problem is the electric seat also has a bolster adjustment that puts a big hole through the front of the leather for seat bolster adjustment.

3. In case I decide later that heated seats are worthwhile, this is what I have in my saved items at Amazon: looks better than OEM and people who have bought it, like it.

4. I still need to run a wire yet. Since I had them cut the loom, I have a connector and wires to splice to. I plan to run a wire for my under-seat inverter at the same time as the cigar lighter wire has too much voltage drop which causes the inverter to kick out.

- After the swap, I have a new-found respect for cloth seats. They are far more comfortable than the gray factory leather I put in.
- I could have, and now wish I would have, gone with the Red Line interior. Their seats are also far more comfortable.
- The problem with cloth is, just getting a little water on them leaves ugly rings on them so they seldom look clean, and I had to make a move because they cracked in the normal place and foam was sticking out.
- I am disappointed in the back seat I bought. There are dents in it from being down and pushing on the seat belt clasps and where it looks like there was a baby seat at one time. The carpet is stretched on the back of the seat also. I left the cloth back seat in for now to see if it recovers any.

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