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2007 ION-3 Quad Coupe
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the front ones are a pain in the arse, and expect to sweat, cuss and hurt your hands a bit..... I hope you have small hands...... you have to get those covers in between the two peices......
doing the front ones, I installed mine and my gfs right after another and took me about two and a half hours for both......
take into consideration about 20 minutes was spent figuring out how to take the head rests off lol lol........
the fronts are not a HUGE deal........
the rear seats you HAVE to take out..... when i started installing them on the back, i fugured i could just leave the backs of the seat on, but its a big pain, the rear seats are SO easy to take out, so might as well just do it........ careful not to bend the frame of the SEAT part in the back...

2007 Storm Grey Ion Quad Coupe:"Sport Appearance Package"-Performance package: 2.4L Ecotec


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