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2008 Astra XR
Default Re: Problem areas to look for when buying an Astra

I've not seen anything in the way of head gasket issues on the 1.8 in general, nor the Astra in particular. This doesn't mean that one is immune but it is not common. Maybe it's (over)due for a flush? Dexcool is noted for sludging up a bit if left too long. Opinions abound about the stuff but it's not caused me any issues save for ones GM engineers should have planned for.

The AC on my 2008 was about on ounce low from allowing the compressor to turn on this spring. After hooking the gauge set up and filling to a proper level it has been performing quite well. I was prepared to replace the compressor, easy job on this car, but glad I didn't have to because I don't have a lot of shops nearby and didn't want to search one out that would evacuate and later refill without trying to upsell me.

I've not read much about the bearings being a common failure. I have noticed they can be pricey. Detroit Axle on Ebay offers them reasonably and fellows on another forum I belong to have been happy with the performance. If I remember right you're in Canada and I know the shipping skills you guys often but thought I'd throw it out there.

Best of luck with your venture if you decide to get it. It does sound like a dice roll in a couple areas but you seem to be a critical thinker so I'd wager you'll make the right call in the end.


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