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Default Re: Air Vent Control Not Working

Progress report.

Finally found time to work of the switch. It was much simple that I expected.

1. Remove BEZEL. Place fingers in the 2 air vents above the radio. Give it a good sharp SHORT pull.
Short because bezel is held in place by spirng clips:
2 on top, 3 on each side, 2 at bottom. Work your way down both sides releasing clips on each side.
Note Of Caution: I don't know what kind of plastic the bezel is made of but I suspect it may be brittle when cold. You may need to warm it up if the car is very cold.

This exposes the Radio and the Heater Controls. Each are held in place by one screw of each side.

Use nut driver or socket to remove radio. (Disconnect the wiring harness at the blue connector plug, not the wide narrow grey one.)

This exposed the heater/ac controls.

I did not have to remove the heater control unit. My problem was the plastic gears at the Flow Control Switch. I was able to just turn the horizontal gear by hand which got it back into its proper position.
Swith turns like new.

Hope this works for you. Please let me know if you got this message. Good luck.

This works. I did what Richard posted. I want to tell everyone. I've been years without after spending $600 to mechanics who couldn't fix it. Thank you Richard.


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