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2005 RELAY-2
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Default Re: Saturn Relay Challenge

Originally Posted by BradJK View Post
3.5 years and almost 40'000kms. It's been a good run so far.
Van doesn't have any squeaks or rattles.
Only 4 repairs so far, one of them a trim piece, A new alternator and a
noisy suspension part was replaced.
Brakes and rotors were also just replaced.

It's been through a few nasty 10 hour road trips with 5 kids and
the DVD player has earned it's keep.

I just finished moving my brother in it....again.
Truly amazing how much stuff you can cram in there with the seats out.
I should have taken a picture.

I also got enough wood in there last year to build my 16x12 deck!
I should have made 2 loads though because the rear suspension was compressed so low I ripped my mud flaps off. Whoops!

All in all, There are 3 things that I wish were designed better, But I trust my vehicle and am sure it'll make it to it's 10th birthday with minimal fuss.

Considering what I paid, Money well spent.
5 year / 60'000km Update...
Still no major issues... General maintenance has been Pricey this month as everything tends to last till 60'000 kms. Wipers, all filters, 4 Tires, 4 rotors and pads all the way around.
The emergency brake portion of the rear caliper seized on one side meaning the replacement of both rear calipers as well. Then the bolt crossed threaded while doing the job and broke the stud. Nice!

Other than that, the Relay mechanically has been fine. However some annoying noises have been making themselves known. The drivers seat creaks every time you accelerate or stop. The sliding door makes a good rattle on broken pavement and there seems to be a faint rattle from the front dash area, though this is very intermittent.

No major stories for the Relay, as all trips in the last 2 years have required flying. This year however I think we're buying a Tent trailer, so more road trips are expected. If anyone has any experiences with towing please feel free to add to the thread.

Good by SL2, Hello???
Just waiting on the 5 door Astra


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