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Default Saturn Relay Challenge

I have not posted a new thread in a long time. I have had 7 Saturns. My wife and I have a 2007 Aura and a 2005 RELAY. We have had our minor problems in the past but they have been very very minor. Saturn of Michiana has been an awesome dealer. They are really on top of things. I realize that some dealers are not as good as others. This can be true with any Saturn automobile too.

Which leads me to my post. I want everyone to know that the Saturn Relay I have had since June of 2005 is one of the best Saturns I have ever owned. I guess I am one of the lucky ones!!! It is wonderful that I can take my grandchildren and their parents along with my wife and we don't have to drive another car to go some place together. My grandchildren love the DVD player. The XM radio is very very nice. We love to listen to the Disney channel or the XM kids channel.

So... I want to challenge those who have a RELAY...I would love to read about all of the great and positive things about RELAYs. Vactions...Trips...What have you hauled in your RELAY? What makes driving your RELAY fun?

It's great to post problems to help others out! That is one great thing about posting a thread... to find out about problems and how they can be solved. I am still not happy about seeing some of the same old stories on new threads. People have tried to help but there is always some excuse!

So...those of you who enjoy your RELAY! Awesome! To those of you who have had problem but the dealer has helped you....Awesome!!!! Those of you who can't seem to get the problems fixed....Do something about it!

If you don't have anything to say ...that's ok. If you want to complain... do it on a new thread...not this one.

If no one replies...then I must be the only happy RELAY owner! OR Those who have had a RELAY did something and got rid of it.



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