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Default Re: Rotella T Engine Oil....

Originally Posted by 97coupe View Post
I am not so sure that droplets like that is a sign of a good oil. It tends to suggest is has a high surface tension and does not easily coat some surfaces. I like the see a oil the will coat everything well.
I believe the reason the droplets spin around in the funnel like that is because certain surfactant portions of the mixture have crept around the surface of the funnel and coated it, like they are supposed to do to the wetted surfaces of the engine. The oil coalesces to itself in a droplet in the funnel (or in a layer in the engine). These layers of metal - surfactant - oil - surfactant - metal slide past each other with very little friction. This is one of the principles of synthetic oil.

The above link is from their website. Obviously independent tests are preferable, and they have an independent test summary page.

One of their biggest claims is higher film strength which increases HP by reducing blow-by.

Also, my engine seems to be running smoother now, but I can't objectively separate the variables since I started adding 3.5 oz of acetone per fill-up (increases octane rating) at the same time I switched to Royal Purple.

I'm all about making the engine run as smoothly as possible, since vibration is a significant failure mode for many automotive parts.

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