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Default Re: Rotella T Engine Oil....

Originally Posted by oseberg View Post
Are you sure your friends engins were ruined by not changing oil, or were they ruined by running out of oil?.
When oil gets dirty enough it starts to bypass filter and then is can become almost like liquid sand paper given enough time

Originally Posted by oseberg View Post
I've seen the insides of an engine that ran out of oil, and that changed by beliefs about what happens when an engine runs out of oil. Nothing actually, "wore out". What happened was that the bearings overheaded and melted.
They melted because the oil film failed and friction set in which causes wear and heat from this friction. Oil does two thing for a engine bearings. First it floats the journals in a film film/layer that prevents metal to metal contact and it cools the bearings as well. This is why bearings are the first thing to good generally with loss of oil pressure. Many do not realize that engine oil temp in bearing can be a lot hotter than the engine block temperature best even oil heats up some from shearing in bearings which causes friction between oil molecules.
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