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Default Re: Rebuilding 254k DOHC Engine - Planning questions

I got the bolt loose. Tried the starter 3 times and all three times it shot my breaker bar out from under the car. Obviously I didn't have it braced well enough, so I decided to try the jack method since that actually worked when I did a timing belt on a Honda a few years ago. That got it with no fuss.

Exhaust manifold is off now also, entire front side of engine is clean and ready to come out. I have had the AIR flow code forever because the passages were clogged, but I procrastinated pulling the manifold to clean it out. It was so easy I wish I would have done it long ago. I haven't seen anyone post pictured of a clogged one, but I took some and am going to post them in a separate thread.

I still have a number of things to unhook on the back side and then the lower mounts. I already pulled the fuel rail and I'm about to pull the intake since it is the plastic one. I would hate to crack it if the engine moves too much lifting it out. I've already had it out once when the heater inlet cracked so I know the drill, and it is simple now that I have everything else off already. I highly recommend the metal heater inlet replacement part BTW, worked like a champ.

I should have the engine out this weekend, and will probably start a new thread with actual rebuild questions as I go forward.


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