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Default Re: Rebuilding 254k DOHC Engine - Planning questions

Update: I'm going through the top since I would need a hoist to get the body high enough anyway, and it seemed easier to not mess with the steering stuff and most everything else would be unhooked either way.

I would guess I'm about 2 hours from getting the engine out now, although it will be this weekend before I have time. I have everything on the front side off and ready, the a/c comp and p/s pump are loose, fuel rail is off, upper engine mount is off.

I just realized that I never broke the crank pulley bolt loose. So the question is this... would it be easier to set the battery back in and use the starter pop trick to break it loose, or just carry on and break it with my breaker bar when the engine is out?

The starter is still in and connected to the wires, would just have to hook up the battery. Maybe I just talked myself into it...


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