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Thanks guys.

The reason I am looking is because they are offering 0% financing or $2500 cash back with 1.9% financing, either of which would shave some money off my current payment. I also called my insurance co and my insurance would go down about $10 a month.

I plan on test driving the car before I buy it, I am a saturn fan, but I am not a saturn fool. I don't jump into anything half assed. But I am also not in the market for a new car that is not a Saturn, so if I were to drive the Ion and NOT like it, I am not going to go buy something else instead. I will bide my time for the Curve (if it ever comes out).

My current saturn is an SC2 with all the bells and whistles. I would get the same in the Ion.

I will go down and talk to my friend that works at Saturn of Honolulu. It all hinges on what they are willing to do for me on my trade in. I am not interested in a new car at the expense of a higher car payment.


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